Resistance Band & Sliding Disc



Resistance Band & Sliding Disc

Resistance Band & Sliding Disc Value Pack (Free Pouch)

This set of 5 loop resistance bands takes the frustration out of trying to decide what level of resistance you need, because you can have it all! Since your workouts change and strength increases over time, having 5 resistance levels allows you to adapt quickly and easily. Ideal for those new to fitness, as well as consistent athletes, looking to tone and build strength.


Extensively used for therapeutic exercise and strength training for lower body
Strengthens and tones legs, hips and glutes
Easy to put around ankles, calves, knees or thighs
Each band is made out of durable natural latex rubber
The set includes 5 bands with color-coded resistances from extra light to extra heavy

Value Pack Detail :
1. 5 Level Resistance Band
– Green | Extra Light
– Blue | Light
– Yellow | Medium
– Red | Heavy
– Black | Extra Heavy
2. 1 set of Sliding Disc
3. Pouch

Product Details:
1. Green | 60cm x 5cm x 0.35mm | Extra Light Resistance | 10-15Lb
2. Blue | 60cm x 5cm x 0.5mm | Light Resistance | 15-20Lb
3. Yellow | 60cm x 5cm x 0.7mm | Medium Resistance | 25-30Lb
4. Red | 60cm x 5cm x 0.9mm | Heavy Resistance | 35-40Lb
5. Black |60cm x 5cm x 1.1mm | Extra Heavy Resistance | 45-50Lb

The Republic of Svarga Resistance Bands are made out of 100% Natural Latex.

Additional Information

Additional information

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